Research & Writing 

My research and writing revolves broadly around the stories we tell (and don't tell) about the environment. I spend lots of time thinking and writing about the liminal nature of environmental understanding. How do we come to understand the environment? What are the social, historical, cultural, and political contours that shape our perception, awareness, and understanding of the environment?

My Ph.D. research examines these questions in relation to climate change in two seemingly disparate but interestingly similar regions: Alaska and Appalachia. My dissertation - tentatively titled Telling the Story of Climate Chang: Cultural Politics and Climate Consciousness - examines the role that storytelling can and does play in our collective understanding of climate change while also experimenting with ways in which storytelling can help make climate change knowable and meaningful in places that are often the most affected by climate impacts while still being considered stumbling blocks to effective climate action. 

I have written and talked about topics ranging from queer temporalities and the cryosphere, re-conceptualizing justice in the Anthropocene, and the intersections of witchcraft and climate-driven development policy. I have presented my research in 10 countries, including Indonesia, Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, Italy, the UK, and across the United States.

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My writing also appears in non-academic publications like Electric Dirt: A Celebration of Queer Voices from Appalachia and the South, La Lit (Nepali Literary Magazine); and on websites, including and

All of these efforts are reflective of my overall goals as a researcher and writer, which are to bring into focus the various dimensions of environmental thought and inspire our collective ability to imagine, envision, and enact equitable environmental futures. 

Theoretical and Topical Interests:

political ecology; speculative and experimental methodologies; critical theory; post/in-humanism; speculative realism; new materialism; feminist materialism; geophilosopy; queer theory; cultural geography; critical physical geography; environmental humanities; geohumanities